martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009


Come take my hand; Understand that you can! 
You're my man And i need you tonight
Come make my dreams; Honey, hard as it seems!
Lovin' me ; Is as easy as pie! 
I'm just a love machine!
Feeding my fantasy; Give me a kiss or three
and I'm fine!
I need a squeeze a day ;Instead of this negligee
What will the neighbors say?

She says; See if it's still raining I'm not dressed for it!
And if you loved me
And i interrupt to receive a scowl and stare !
But still decided to stop her there
Would a kiss be too much to ask?
When you fit me as sundays frozen pitch fix the thermos flask
It's a pity, it just hit me we can't go back
To the chest touching on the back !

Lets have a game on the Teddy Picker
Not quick enough can I have it quicker?
Already thick and you´re getting thicker!
Asuming that all things are equal,
Who´d want to be men of the people
When there´s people like you?

Get on your dancing shoes ;There´s one thing on your mind! 
Hoping they´re looking for you; sure you´ll be rummaging´ through! 
the lights are flashing; down in here tonight
And some might exchange a glance;But keep pretending to dance
Don´t act like it´s not happening
As if it´s impolite to go and mention your name,
Instead you´ll just do the same,
As they all do, and hope for the best ! 

What a scummy man ; just give him half a chance;
bet he´ll rob you if he can;can see it in his eyes that he´s got
a nasty plan; i hope you´re
not involved at all!

Stop making the eyes at me, I´ll stop making the eyes at you!
What it is that surprises me is that I don´t really you to;a nd your shoulders are frozen
(as cold as the night) Oh, but you´re an explosion but you´re
dynamite; your name isn´t Rio, but I don´t care for sand!
Lightning the fuse might in a bang with a bang-go !  
I said I bet that you look good on the dance floor
I don´t know if you´re looking for romance or what 
Don´t know what you´re looking for !
Well I bet that you look good on the dance floor
Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984 !

And there´s the truth that they can´t see
They´d probably like to throw a punch at me
and if you could only see them, then you would agree Agree that there isn´t no romance around there
it´s a funny thing you know We´ll tell them if you like We´ll tell them all tonight They´ll never listen Cause their minds are made up And course it´s all okay to carry on that way!
Over there there´s broken bones
There´s only music, so that there´s new ringtones
And it doesn´t take no Sherlock Holmes
To see it´s a little different around here! 

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